Saturday, June 25, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself

Hello, my name is Roada. That would be Roada F. Tripp. I started life as a porcupine,but have morphed into a very special rodent. How I got here is a long story and you really had to 'be there' in order to really 'get it'.

I have several friends and they all seem to be quilters at this point. They are part of this 'group' that have become known as the 'Frayed Knots' of One Loose Thread. It seams as though they stay in the road all of the time. They have sew much fun traveling from quilt shop to quilt shop on what they call a 'Fart'--that would be Fabric Acquisition Road Trip. They spend their time fondling fabric, eating good food, and having an occasional glass of wine/beer. Sometime they even go and meet other quilters and have a sew-in at a church, fabric shop, or quilter's home.

This was my first trip. My friends are Beth, Judy, Joyce, Cheryl, and Jenny took the picture. We started a 'Shop Hop' on Friday June 17. But, first we went to a quilt show in Mooresville, N.C. It was a really good show too. Lots of art quilts with a good mix of traditional quilts. You can view a slide show of some of the quilts over on One Loose Thread, Joyce has set up a 'Smile Box' with pictures of lots of the quilts.
This is how we looked when we met that morning and I was introduced to the group by my 'handler' Beth.
After the quilt show we started a 'Shop Hop'. On that day we shopped at Creative Crafters, Quilters Loft Company, Rene's Quilt Shop, and the Cottage Quilt Shop all in North Carolina. We did stop for lunch and had a great day. When we got back to Columbia we had supper at Stonefire Grill and it was wonderful.

All in all we had a fantastic day. We only stopped at one Starbucks and still managed to make it through the day.

Stay tuned to see what I will be up to in the coming months. I am available to travel with any of my quilting friends. All you have to do is contact Beth through One Loose Thread to set it up.

Until next time,

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