Friday, July 29, 2011

Greater Columbia Knight Bee

Hi, It's me, Roada F. Tripp,

She did it again. I would appreciate it if someone would talk to Joyce about leaving me at home when she goes to an important event. Especially when there is 'food' involved. Last night was Greater Columbia Knight Bee and they met at Dee's house, but first, THEY WENT TO SHEALY'S for barbeque and pulley (wish) bones. Just think, I was left at home, in the studio, in a dark bag, with no one to talk to. THEN, do you know what she brought me from such a monumental event?!?!?!?
BONES, JUST PLAIN OLD BONES!!!!!!!! These are the cleanest pulley bones that I have ever seen. Now, I know, that I am a vegetarian, but, just the same, sometimes a girl needs some protein!!

Now see what I mean?...... Could you please talk to Joyce and see if you can get her to at least bring me a bowl of Butter Beans?


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meet Rhoda Q Tripp

As you saw in my last post, I now have a twin and her name is 'Rhoda'--Rhoda Q. Tripp. She really can't be all bad though since she wears a Tiger Paw earring. Beth is responsible for Rhoda's behavior and Joyce is responsible for mine. Wonder who has the biggest job?
Any how on to the antics of Rhoda Q. Tripp. Remember, that I was in Knoxville at this time and am not responsible for any misbehavior by my sister!!

July 11, 2011
Beth wanted to have her 2 Berninas serviced, so we left early to be at Branum’s Sewing and Vacuum in Augusta for her machines’ 9am appointment.  Nick carried the machines in from the car, and Kim helped me shop.  Among other things, found a cute penguin pattern, and I posed with new Christmas fabrics. 

Then on to Jeff’s Sewing and Vac, where Beth picked up a really elegant black with tan batik.  After a stop at Starbucks (she actually waited this long!), the machines were ready and back to Columbia. 

168 miles so far today.

Next up was a visit to Devine Quilters. I snuck into the meeting and met my new friend, T.H.
I made friends with "T.H.", aka Traveling Hedgie, who lives with Sue and Jodi along with 3 Africa Pygmy Hedgehogs.
Add an additional 31 miles
Total Milage to date:  199

More later, I need a nap:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Attended Design Group !!!!!!!

I did get to go to Design Group last Thursday night. As you can see there was another 'rodent' in attendance, however, I am the beautiful one on the left. The other one has not been named yet. (She had a great looking earring though--Tiger Paw)

My friends and I were checking out Jodi's blocks that she is working on.

The 'Gator Boy' is a gift to Joyce from Sue. Joyce (One Loose Thread) will be hosting a retreat at St. Christopher on Sea Brook Island in November and 'Gator Boy' is from there. The blob of fuz on the right is the 'Traveling Hegie'. She belongs to Jodi and goes everywhere with her.

Hawthorne also visited, but, I didn't get a picture of him. He was a real live Hedge Hog.

I have also been helping Joyce in the kitchen. I am a vegetarian ya know and these butter beans sure looked good. I tried to sneak one for a snack, but, I think Joyce counts them since they are so precious.
Hopefully she will take me someplace next week. Surely, she doesn't plan to stay in the studio all week.
See ya later,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Back and Ready to Rumble!!!!

Things have been so busy since we got home. Joyce had not had time to work up the pictures we took. I met so many people on the way to and from Knoxville, that I thought I would share them in a 'Smile Box'. These are in no particular order and I hope you enjoy them.

By the way. There have been rumors of an IMPOSTER Rodent!!! Let me tell you and tell you now!!! There is only ONE Roada F. Tripp and that's ME!!!!!!!!! So, if you see this little missy going around telling everyone she is Roada F. Tripp, step on her!!

Now, for the pictures.

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I will be at Design Group tonight. Hope to see lot's of you there.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tennessee Adventures Continue

Just for the record: I am staying at the Holiday Inn downtown. These people really know how to treat a special rodent. Warm smiles are everywhere:

Have you ever seen a prettier smile. Since one of my handlers is a RETIRED Dental Hygienist, I really notice things like that.

I have been taking some fantastic classes with Joyce, Wilma, Dee, and Vicki. No wonder Kim Brunner was voted the best Longarm quilt instructor of the year. She is great. Her classes are on point and she has total control of her classroom, most of the time.
We did catch her on her way to supper last night. She has a great smile too.
Handiquilter furnished the machines for all of the classes I took. We had a really sweet rep. in the room at all times in case we had any problems. Nobody had trouble with the machines, but, we enjoyed her company.

I don't know who called, but, Joyce did take me to Calhoun's on the River for supper.
You wouldn't believe the friends that I saw during supper:
Audrey, they looked like they were behaving pretty well. We had lot's of laughs and they invited me to come over to Lexington to spend the day. Being a very busy rodent, I will have to check my schedule but, should be able to visit very soon.

I also met these lovely ladies. Having a very small brain means that names don't stay in my memory, so sorry, but I really enjoyed talking to them

I sat with all of these people, watched as they ate and I want you to know that NO ONE offered me even a crumb of food. Not even a nibble of strawberry shortcake.

Our ride back in the hotel van was sooooo much fun. I met other great quilters (aren't they a hoot!!??).

I'm not real sure that the gentleman from the Holiday Inn knew what to think. Do you think that would be because he doesn't transport many rodents? I did try to behave myself.

This post is getting to long so I will stop running my mouth for now and post more about my Thursday later tonight.

Thanks to all who answered my call for help last night. Joyce says she will try to do better with keeping my head above the top of the bag.

See you soon,

Roada--------------- Roada F. Tripp

Thursday, July 14, 2011

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!! SAR, SAR, HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the sake of all rodents everywhere!!! I need some REST !!! In the bag, out of the bag, in the bag, out of the bag!! Will someone please tell Joyce to make up her mind!!!!!!!!!!!

Just about the time I get settled in for a good nap----she pulls me out again. Someone grabs me and tries to kiss my nose:
Last night it was Laura Wasilowski. Then I thought it was going to be Bonnie Browning, but, she was laughing so hard, she couldn't pucker.

However, I have been 'stuffed' in my bag for most of the day. They didn't even let me out for LUNCH!!! Joyce did take me on the show floor for a few minutes today. After spending the day listening to Kim Brunner talk about templates and rulers, we went down and bought a bunch of new stencils for that 'purple thing' in Joyce's studio.

I think that I heard that 'they' are going to Cahoun's on the River for supper tonight. Do you think they will let me go? Not so sure about that---If you have any influence at all in this regard---call Joyce and make sure she takes me. Remember my call for help with the SAR alert (SAR-----Save A Rodent (Roada)? You have to call Joyce---need her cell phone number???? Call Mr. One Loose Thread at home and ask for it. He thinks we are nuts anyway, let's prove it.

OK, I am going to go and try to take a nap. Please help me go to eat some Tennessee Barbeque. 
See ya later,

Roada------------Roada F. Tripp 

And the Story Goes On

I could not finish my post last night because Joyce was exhausted. Can you believe that? Imagine, getting up at the crack of dawn (7:00) and sitting in a class most of the day. Then making 2 trips to the show floor to 'soak' up some of the atmosphere with the vendors and the beautiful quilts. At the end of the day we had a very entertaining evening with Laura and Bonnie (I did not win a thing). No prizes for rodents at this event. Drat!!!!
Oh well, let me try to load up somemore pictures. Maybe blogger will let me finish those this morning.

I met these wonderful girls last night. We played a game and NONE of us won, but, we did have a lot of fun. See those smiles? Gotta love 'em.
Look who else we ran into. More fine South Carolinians...............
After all of this excitement I needed to hibernate. Do I hibernate? I need to look that up and see. Oh well, I went back to the hotel, posted to my blog and crashed. Today, I'll start all over again.
Another full day of classes with Kim Brunner. Ready, Set, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roada-----Roada F. Tripp

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2 of Knoxville Adventure

I have had the best day today. I have learned so much. I had a class with Barbara Cline this morning. Pitty Pat and I took a class with her this morning. She is one of seven daughters and she works in a quilt shop. Pitty Pat learn how to make a Shanandoa Star.
Pitty Pat was in her class with Barbara and Joyce was in a class learning to do feathers on that Purple thing in her studio.

Joyce met up with Pitty Pat and they had lunch in the food court at the show. We ran into Elizabeth while she was in the buffet line.
I ate lunch with 2 of the nicest young ladies. Their names were Mary and Diane. They are from the Atlanta area. They were sooooooooooo nice to me and allowed me to have my picture taken with them.
They were staying with Mary's son? in Knoxville during the show.  They were going to take a class with Karen K. Stone this week. Look at those smiles. Do you think that they have fun together? I sure wish they would come to Quilt Camp, they would have a blast with the group that goes there.

After lunch I got a big kiss from the young lady at the AQS booth. We had a great time trying so hard to figure out what I should buy. You see, Joyce has quite the library (as we all know) and I was trying to get her a special book. We made some decisions, bought the book, a tote bag, a t-shirt, and I GOT A NEW PIN FOR MY BELLY BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know these two people? I'll bet that you do. Hint: They both belong to Greater Columbia. They both are great quilters. They both were surprised to find me on the floor of the show.                           

I spent the afternoon in a class with Kim Brunner. I was supervised by Joyce, Vicki, and Dee. We learned how to make the most beautiful feathers with our longarm machines (you know, that purple thing in Joyce's studio).
Add caption
Dee, did I do that bump bump right? Are you sure I did it right? I think that my feathers look like bananas.

  Everyone has been so nice to me. They all want to know who I am and what I am doing at the Aqs show.
My evening was very entertaining. I met Laura Wasilowski and Bonnie Browning. You would not believe how nice they were to me.

Blogger is no longer helping me with pictures and my bedtime is very near.So, that's all for tonight. Some of my adventures are going to have to wait until Joyce gets me home. I will tell you that I received comments from Laura W. and Bonnie Browning tonight. We had a great evening with some special ladies from different parts of the country. We ran into more folks from South Carolina and made many new friends. I love this show, and I am so sorry that this will be the last one.

That's all for tonight, I am soooooooooooooooo tired.
Until tomorrow,

Roada-------------Roada F Tripp

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 2 of Knoxville Adventure

I had to do without my Starbucks this morning. I am not sure how I made it through the day, but I did. Joyce, Pitty Pat, and Vicki stopped for breakfast early this morning. The main purpose was to make it to Tennessee Quilts by the time they opened. We made it and discovered a wonderful quilt shop. The girls at Tennessee Quilts were very nice to me and gave me a special place to rest and wait for the group to finish shopping. Joyce found some good  stencils for that 'purple thing' in her studio, Vicki and Pitty Pat found some great stuff too.
Tennessee Quilts had a fantastic collection of Kaffe Facet fabrics. They will be vending at the show in Knoxville so we will see more of them.

Our next stop was The Cherry Pit in Sevierville, Tenn. Pitty Pat and Joyce love this shop. They have lots of kits and a great variety of fabric. Would you believe that Joyce bought somemore books?

I am not so sure how they felt about having a rodent in their shop. They might have preferred that I not be there. I still liked the shop and all of their wonderful fabric!!

Oh my gosh I am starving at this point! Don't these crazy quilters know that is is past time to EAT !!!???
Instead of eating lunch we went to Iva's. This is a neat little shop on the banks of a pretty river/stream. You would not believe the amount of fabric in this small space. Need charm squares? Layer cakes or Jelly rolls? I have NEVER seen such a variety. You gotta visit there!!! Set your GPS and hit the road.

Iva gave me a new pin to put on my 'belly band'. She was soooooooooooooooo nice to me.

FINALLY they let me eat at one of my favorite places: Cracker Barrell!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am STUFFED!!!! Joyce did manage to buy a cap for Mr. One Loose Thread (don't worry he doesn't read my blog) and a new collar for Rocky in Tennessee Orange (Rocky doesn't read my blog either).

Now we are on the road again and headed into Knoxville to Mawmaws quilt shop. They are getting ready to move down the street and ALL of her fabric is 30% off during her special sale. I met some really nice young folks there.

Unfortunately, I did not get their names, but I understand that they are Grandchildren. From what I experienced they are mighty fine Grandchildren too.

Next up would be the Hotel. Well you remember how directionally challenged Joyce is? Welllllll she couldn't seem to follow anyone's directions. Pitty Pat(the navigator) over rode the GPS and told Joyce to turn the wrong way. After about a million miles she finally admitted that she had the map up side down and that we needed to turn around. We finally made it to the Holiday Inn and did manage to check in. We unloaded all of our treasures and the next time I turned around I was lounging in a very comfortable bed.

And look, I am surrounded by all of these treasures that Pitty Pat bought on our special shop hop. Oh what a wonderful thing.

Joyce and the girls went to supper without me. Did they think that I wasn't hungry??? I was very upset about that until they returned with Chocolate Cheesecake Pie for me. I think that will taste very good tonight after they are asleep. I can sneak into the refrigerator and have a late night snack.

Look how the room is set up. Pitty Pat is at the lap top. They have set up 2 sewing areas, one for machine stitching (Pitty Pat) and the one on the right is for Joyce to work on a special needle turn applique project. What a wonderful environment to spend the week in. I soooooooooo look forward to what they might bring in from the quilt show. They have classes tomorrow and have promised me that I will be allowed to go to some too.

Stay tuned. They might decide to stuff me back into my bag. If they do I am going to send out a SAR alert. That would be 'SAVE A RODENT'!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help Roada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until tomorrow,
Roada/by Joyce---One Loose Thread

Monday, July 11, 2011

On The Road Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day started very early. Vicki Mc came to my house, we loaded up and went to pick up Pitty Pat. First stop of course was Starbucks!!!
My goodness I really needed that cup of coffee. Once we all got settled we were on our way. Our first stop was Stitches in Laurens. Vicki picked up her One Block Wonder book for Beth's class during fall retreat

Our time there was a little short, but, they did let me register as part of the 'four pack' so I actually picked up a lovely fat quarter.

Then we were off and running again. Actually, Joyce was driving. Mr. OLT allowed us to drive the surburban so that we would have plenty of room.
Next stop: Viking Says Sew in Greenville. What an amazing place. Vicki picked up a new seam ripper, Pitty Pat ordered all of her stuff for fall retreat, Joyce added to her library.

Our next stop was Inman Quilt Cottage. Joyce picked up some bright fabric for some special persons Christmas quilt.
Pitty Pat found a book for prayer shawls. Then Vicki bought a great kit for the Bow Tucks purse. Becky was so nice to me that I almost stayed and spent the day but, I was told that we had a long way to go and a short time to get there (country music??)

Joyce finally got me back in the truck. You should see how she has me shoved down into this bag. I think that tomorrow I will demand a window seat. Who does she think she is any how?

We did find our next stop: School House Quilts. We almost missed the turn, but Vicki has sharp eyes and spotted the small sign under a mailbox.

Oh Boy did I have a blast in school house quilts. They had the best cookies and I was able to sneak a bite of one while Joyce wasn't looking. She was to busy in the room with all of the BOOKS! The girl just can't seem to pass up a chance to add to her library. She also bought some new templates for Olivia (you know, that purple thing she has in her studio?) Pat is off on a newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww quilting adventure. She is going to start working with some Civil War fabrics and she bought a book to help her with that endevor. Vicki decided to buy some new scissors and the fusible batting tape.

Sure wish I had one of those cookies right now.
We stopped for lunch at Fatz.
Next on the travel log was Marti's Patchwork in Black Mountain, NC.

Vicki got some Laurel Burch fabric for half price. Joyce bought an end of bolt to use as the backing on a Halloween quilt. Pat also picked up some Halloween fabric.

Next stop: Ashville Cotton Co. in Ashville, NC

The girls at the Ashville Cotton Company were so nice to me. They ohhhh and ahhhhhhhhed about my earring and my pierced ear. They also notice the shop hop pin on my belly band.
Joyce picked up some special fabric for Summer Fun 2 .Vicki bought some of the cutest mushroom fabric. I could hide under one of those and maybe they wouldn't see me.


I didn't think they were EVER going to stop for supper, but, they did. We ate at Cootie Brown's in Johnson City, Tenn. The food was great and the beer was cold (very important after a long FART).
After all was said and done I have traveled 427 miles today,visited 6 quilt shops, seen some beautiful mountain views and enjoyed the company of some crazy quilters.

This brings my total milage to date to 1665 miles with more to come tomorrow. I understand that breakfast is at 8:15. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh, by that time I will really be starving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left my special pen at home, so Joyce is just going to have to type my signature in.
Nite, Nite,
Roada--------------that would be Roada F. Tripp

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roada Stays Local

Another Five Bucks stop enroute to the Friday meeting of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilters.  Big group today, as most were back from vacation.  I whined so much about not getting my own Starbucks that I was muzzled with a cup sleeve. 

Jane let me help sew a Logan Lap Quilters’ label onto one of the guild’s charity quilts destined for the local Ronald McDonald House. 
I got a sip of Sue’s Tortilla Chicken Soup from her bowl before she noticed what was happening.  I still don’t believe Sue that it all comes out of cans before the fresh toppings are added.  Who would believe anyone who lives with 3 hedgehogs??  Porcupines are far superior!  And I can be trusted with free run of a house or quilt shop.

Paint Can Challenge?? Who knew??
However, I am one nosey rodent. I have to sniff everything and look at all of the colors being used in a project.

Those pins in that pin cushion look enticing. Something like sprinkles on an ice cream(my favorite flavor is 'Rocky Road' hint, hint).

I am meeting some new friends in my travels------due to loss of short term memory-----I can't remember names very well-----anyone know who this character is?
Now I am in the middle of packing for a LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG trip.

I will be going with Joyce, Pat, and Vicky Mc to Knoxville to the AQS show. This is the last time it will be in Knoxville. We will travel to MANY quilt shops along the way. Some in South Carolina, some in North Carolina, and some in Tennessee. Thank goodness we have the GPS and Pat will be in the navigator seat. You know how Joyce is with directions (she can't seem to follow them). This is going to be another fun trip and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. Pat will be taking her laptop so we hope to be able to post while we are on the road.

Until next time, this is Roada, Roada F Tripp signing off. Anybody know where the closest Starbucks is????????????

PS. Sue S. tells me that this is Buddy McNutty.