Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roada does South Charlotte 6-25-2011

FARTS cannot start without a stop here.
On the Road Again.......Isn't that a song title?

After the obligatory local Starbucks detour 4 friends and I hit the road north to pick up a reserved quilt kit at QBee Quilts, just over the border into North Carolina.  I really wanted to stop at Carowinds, but my arthritic companions wouldn’t hear of getting any where nearer to rollercoasters than seeing them from the main road.  And then I was warned to stop baring my little rodent teeth and to get on with anticipating wallowing in fabric (what am I a hedge pig?).

The new location is airey, bright and beautiful!! Go Visit!!
QBee Quilts has recently moved to a much larger, airy shop next to their old storefront.  Needless to say, far more than one quilt kit was purchased (Joyce won).  I posed with Diane, the owner, as well as my travel companions.

Diane,Judy,Sue,Beth,Roada, and unknown girl

I previously sported only a Quilters of South Carolina earring, I have gained a Velcro bellyband to attach pins to—I now sport the pin for the 2011 Mid Carolina Run Shop Hop (we made it to 5 of the 9 shops in the 2 week run).

Next we went to our favorite I-77 exit (# 85), where there is a wonderful Starbucks, which was passed up on this trip, for lunch at another Baxter Town Center location, ‘Six Pence Pub’.  I was allowed a Bud Lite since I wasn't driving, but they successfully restrained me from attacking the Hawaiian grilled chicken salad.  I was allowed a few crispy “chips” (aka French fries).  If you are ever in the area tell Amy that Roada F. Tripp sent you.

I had to be pulled away from this phone booth. I thought it was a really cool place to visit. I remembered that everyone had cell phones so I really didn't need to use the land line.

We arrived back at our starting point safely and in time for 'Knot Judy' to make her dinner engagement. I did have to inspect all of the bags to make sure that there was no lingering chocolate. Satisfied that I had taken care of all of it, we went our seperate ways, soon to be reunited for another great adventure (I understand that I will be going to Knoxville,TN in a few weeks).

Thanks to Beth and Joyce for transcribing my notes. I had to go take a nap.
Mileage this trip: 160 miles.  Total FART mileage for Roada:  494 miles
P.S. For those of you that think I have used a 'dirty' word, please note that FART stands for 'Fabric Acquisition Road Trip'.

Until next time,

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