Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great Food, Great Friends

I spent the evening with these great friends. You see all of those empty plates? THEY tell me that the food for 'to die for'. You couldn't prove it by ME!!! No one shared. THEY ATE IT ALL !!!!!!! Not one crumb was shoved into my bag for me to make my own decision. PPPPPPPPPlease talk to Joyce about this-----really make her feel bad about it.

She took me to the meeting with the Knight Bee. They had dinner at Terra in West Columbia. Joyce said that the food was wonderful."It was outstanding," said Joyce...Soooooo, if you haven't been there, you should go. Plan to spend some time so that you can really savor the flavors and enjoy the company.

The wait staff was very attentive to all of our orders and drinks. They were great!

Make a reservation and go try 'Terra'. Wonderful food. Great Smiles.

See ya later,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rhoda's Adventure-Continued

To bring you up to date, I'm on my way to Judy's house because she is slaughtering rodents!!!

Her 5 little guard dogs immediately recognized my Alpha aura and backed off. 
(Just look at that face. Ya gotta love it-Joyce)

I followed the peanut butter lures and found yet another little friend in the trap.  Using my wand, I transformed the poor mousie into a beautiful royal blue toy mouse. 
PS: Roada F. Tripp will be back soon.
I changed all the other mice to toy mice and teleported them to my home, where Beth’s “kittens” were to keep them entertained for the rest of their little stuffed lives.

Then I destroyed all the traps and announced that if Judy would immediately stop this rodenticide, she could continue to travel with me.  She agreed only after I poked her ankle severely with my wand (multiple times—Judy is sooooo stubborn). 
That's my story.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rhoda's Great Adventure

Roada is taking a short break from blogging so that 'evil twin' can get a few words in:

Rhoda’s Great Adventure               8/11/2011

Hello, this is Rhoda Q. Tripp:
I learned to my great dismay that Judy has discovered mice in her house and that she has put out traps!!!  She slaughtered 2 mice right away with peanut butter baited traps.  Now, mice are rodents like me (though not as big or beautiful), so I decided to stop this nonsense before she escalated to trapping porcupines. 

I dug out my special wand (with its core a quill from an African Pigmy hedgehog) and was on my way—or so I thought.  Beth’s Maine Coon “kittens” wanted to wrestle my wand from me.  Who knew kittens could weigh in at over 10 pounds (and how much longer will I be in charge at home??).

Once out of the house, 2 oriental dragons (oriental dragons don’t have wings—bet you didn’t know that) swooped down to pass on secret knowledge about how to bypass mouse traps.

I was then intercepted by the Witch of Saluda Avenue, who held me down with a rotary ruler and threatened to cut off my head with a dull rotary cutter if I didn’t stay at home.  But I squirmed away, leaving many, many quills in her hands (Oh, yeah!!  Oh, yeah!!).  

Then I found Nessie, who carried me across the Congaree to finally arrive at Judy’s house.

OK, Rhoda. That's enough for now. I am trying to load a quilt for Olivia to work on. This will have to be continued.

All right....... I guess we will finish this adventure later. By the way, I am on the road with Beth at this time and I know that we are really going to have some stories to tell.

I'll be back later,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Find!!!!

Joyce took me to Orangeburg today. The fabric shop there, 'A Stitch in Time, Again', is having an anniversary sale. Now, when I say sale------I mean sale. ALL OF THE FABRIC IS 50% OFF !!!! Yes, I did say 50% off. You can't miss this one. Here are a few people that I met today. Just pictures, no names, just so the innocent can be protected. You know, just in case you were suppose to be at work or doing something like the laundry or grocery shopping or something.
Have I put on weight? I feel a little pudgie.

Look at all of this FABULOUS fabric. Sure hope Joyce gets some of this.

She is admiring all of my Show pins. She is green with envy.

What a hug!!!! I love Hugs and kisses.

OK, Roada, back in the bag.

By the way we had a wonderful lunch with the very BEST Onion rings in Orangeburg County. Joyce just can't remember the name of the resturant. (I think I need to have her checked. I am sure that her brain is smaller than mine.)

Until next time this is Roada. Roada F. Tripp signing off.