Saturday, October 12, 2013


Ya know, that Joyce has had me confined for quite sometime now. I know, I was not a very nice rodent there for a while. I tripped Beth, I nibbled on Rodie's ear, I had a little to much wine one night and was not a very nice girl.............but................ gee whiz!!!  can't a rodent have a little fun sometime?? Anyway, Shirley Johnson, Wilma Grubbs and the girls from Pieces & Patches took my plight to 'Rodent Court'. I was found 'slightly disturbed', but the judge (Joyce) said that my sentence would be for 'time served'. Hoo-Ray!!!!!, now I get to go to Market in Houston!!!!!!

I can see me now on the floor of the convention center surrounded by shop owners, designers, quilters, and all the fabric in the whole wide world!!! I can't wait. My application has been FAXed to Shirley and Wilma. All I need now is my medical form filed out and placed in a sealed envelope. You know, in case anything happens and I have an emergency. (I am sure someone will have needle and thread if I need it).

So, stay tuned. The gang from Pieces & Patches will send back progress reports as they go along. I sure hope that the TSA will allow my belly band on the plane. I sure would hate to loose all of my travel pins. If there is a problem, I would imagine that a strip search will be necessary...........Oh My...........

See ya later,


  1. We are so looking forward to having you with us at Market, Roada. Just think, Joyce won't be there...and what happens in Houston stays in Houston. We will be staying at the Embassy Suites just across the street from Market and let me tell you, they have the very best Happy Hour around, you won't believe it, we know the waitress and she takes very, very good care of us. We are going to introduce you to all of the fabric reps, designers, and quilters so be prepared for lots of candid shots. You will be able to sign up for all the drawings and freebies too! See if you can talk Joyce into a day at the salon so you will look your finest...after all that time in the stir your deserve nothing less than the best. We are going to take good care of you in Houston, know what I mean? Don't tell Joyce, she might change her mind.

    Shirley, Wilma, and the gang at Pieces & Patches

    PS: Mention to Joyce that it is Pieces ampersand (&) Patches but do it gently, want to stay on her good side till we leave.

  2. I have made those corrections. So, hopefully we are good to go.