Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rhoda Q. Tripp is checking in.............She doesn't want to be out done by her sister.

It's Roada's sister Rhoda. I didn't get to go to Houston, but I've been resting up for Quilt Camp on Thursday at St. Christopher's on Seabrook Island.("Actually, she has been on restriction due to bad behavior at Sewin' in the Summer"---says Roada Q.)
I live with Beth and 2 very feisty Maine Coon cats who like to wrestle. They look as much like meatloaves as I do.
 Roada only has Rocky, a big loveable Lab,  to contend with.

Last Quilt Camp I got a bit carried away with the Pinot Grigio and was found in the morning snoozing it off with my head stuck in a snacks box.
  How humiliating--I'm usually found under the table, belly up.

Regarding our pins, we're running out of space on our belly bands.  These quilters can only design in 2 dimensions (hence the simple velcro belly bands to attach our pins). Can someone design us a 3D vest???

Here's a pix of me between a rock and a hard place- Beth will only let me have one of our 2 favorite wines.
Next week I plan to stick close to Roada so that at least our excesses will be documented in the same picture.  We do like to party!

That's it for now, but, Look there's Rodie!!!

He's getting ready for his trip to St. Christopher with the 'Frayed Knots' of One Loose Thread.

We will all check-in as we go along...........see ya soon.

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