Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rhoda's Great Adventure

Roada is taking a short break from blogging so that 'evil twin' can get a few words in:

Rhoda’s Great Adventure               8/11/2011

Hello, this is Rhoda Q. Tripp:
I learned to my great dismay that Judy has discovered mice in her house and that she has put out traps!!!  She slaughtered 2 mice right away with peanut butter baited traps.  Now, mice are rodents like me (though not as big or beautiful), so I decided to stop this nonsense before she escalated to trapping porcupines. 

I dug out my special wand (with its core a quill from an African Pigmy hedgehog) and was on my way—or so I thought.  Beth’s Maine Coon “kittens” wanted to wrestle my wand from me.  Who knew kittens could weigh in at over 10 pounds (and how much longer will I be in charge at home??).

Once out of the house, 2 oriental dragons (oriental dragons don’t have wings—bet you didn’t know that) swooped down to pass on secret knowledge about how to bypass mouse traps.

I was then intercepted by the Witch of Saluda Avenue, who held me down with a rotary ruler and threatened to cut off my head with a dull rotary cutter if I didn’t stay at home.  But I squirmed away, leaving many, many quills in her hands (Oh, yeah!!  Oh, yeah!!).  

Then I found Nessie, who carried me across the Congaree to finally arrive at Judy’s house.

OK, Rhoda. That's enough for now. I am trying to load a quilt for Olivia to work on. This will have to be continued.

All right....... I guess we will finish this adventure later. By the way, I am on the road with Beth at this time and I know that we are really going to have some stories to tell.

I'll be back later,

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