Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm Running Fast to Catch Up


Another northbound trip, stopping first at Starbucks in Sandhills.  I met Bruce, who claimed I’d bit his neck (I am not a vampire).  It was only a small hickey. 

 In Charlotte, we dropped off 3 machines to be serviced at Charlotte Sewing Center II.  T.H. and I got to ride the purple totes into the shop. 

On to Mary Jo’s, where she posed with me and my gang.

After going to Sew Much Fun, where Beth located a new dogwood fabric (I love the wild side fabrics), they had lunch without me! 

On to pick up the sewing machines, visiting QBee Quilts, and a stop in Rock Hill at that Starbucks.  I wasn’t allowed in the store because Bruce had called ahead and warned them of my deceiving, toothsome smile.  Rats!

130 miles this trip

More Later from Roada F. Tripp.

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