Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trying to Catch up--I have been soooooo busy!!

I know, I have not been very good at this bloging 'thing' over the past month or so. I promise to try to do better. Actually, I may have to let someone else help me with it.

Anyhow, let's see what's been going on:
OK, so I haven't told you anything about what I have done in August---shame on me.
First I visited Devine Quilt Guild. They had a pot luck supper and I stuffed myself to the gills. Can a rodent do that? I don't think that I have gills. But I stuffed myself anyway. The food at these things is always wonderful. Quilters really know how to cook.

I always learn so much when 'they' let me go to a guild meeting. I think that I can do this stuff that they call needle turn applique. After all, if creatures with 2 hands can do it surely those of us with 4 can do it at least twice as good. Don't cha think?

My next outing was with Beth, Judy, and Joyce. Joyce had to take her machines to Branum's in Augusta for service (no pictures) and Judy had to take another machine to Jeff's. We left early in the morning so that we could be at Branum's when they opened. After we dropped 2 machines there we went on to Jeff's. We had a machine fixed there and did some shopping.

We needed to 'kill' more time so we also went to JoAnn's and to Harbor Freight. Have you been to Harbor Freight?  They have rotary cutter blades in their carpet section to fit your 45mm cutters and they are sharp!! and Cheap!!! Give them a try.

It was time for lunch and we headed to the river walk section of Augusta. They found a nice little place for lunch. I highly recommed the 'Cotton Patch'.

They do have VERY cold beer and cute waiters.

The food is really good too. Just key it into the GPS and you will find it.

We did pick up the machines and headed back to Columbia. Joyce made one stop at Gravatt to check on the arrangements for Quilt Camp. She wanted to make sure that her table arrangements were right and that the Gravatt staff were aware of a few final points. After that------Home James.

Thursday night was a trip to Design Group. Joyce didn't even let me out of the bag!!!! I really need to talk to her about that.

Next up: Have you ever been to a sale at Faust Textiles???????? Just wait until you hear this!!!!
Until next time,

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