Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trying to Catch up--I have been soooooo busy!!

7/13/11 Carolina Shop Hop 2011
Beth, Deb, Mary and Helen took me to the Five Points Starbucks (finally, a new one!) before heading northwest on an abbreviated Shop Hop. Somebody wasn’t watching Mapquest, and we overshot our first Greenville exit. After much finger pointing (no, not that finger) at 60+ mph, we got off I-85 for the next shop, Bernina Sewing Center. On to Central for lunch and Heirlooms and Comforts.

 Back to Greenville for Judy’s Sewing and Viking Sew ‘n Quilt that we’d missed on the first pass. We got to Stitches in Laurens just before closing. Then I was “outed”, since the shop owner noticed I had a different earring than when “I” was thru there on Monday. I had to admit that I was Rhoda, and that I had been cloned because Roada couldn’t keep up with all of her appearances. I decided to donate to the Humane Society, under the supervision of a very stern rooster (who keeps a rooster at the register??), to keep my identity a secret for a little longer.

A very quiet trip back home….. 296 miles today

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