Friday, July 29, 2011

Greater Columbia Knight Bee

Hi, It's me, Roada F. Tripp,

She did it again. I would appreciate it if someone would talk to Joyce about leaving me at home when she goes to an important event. Especially when there is 'food' involved. Last night was Greater Columbia Knight Bee and they met at Dee's house, but first, THEY WENT TO SHEALY'S for barbeque and pulley (wish) bones. Just think, I was left at home, in the studio, in a dark bag, with no one to talk to. THEN, do you know what she brought me from such a monumental event?!?!?!?
BONES, JUST PLAIN OLD BONES!!!!!!!! These are the cleanest pulley bones that I have ever seen. Now, I know, that I am a vegetarian, but, just the same, sometimes a girl needs some protein!!

Now see what I mean?...... Could you please talk to Joyce and see if you can get her to at least bring me a bowl of Butter Beans?


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