Friday, July 15, 2011

Tennessee Adventures Continue

Just for the record: I am staying at the Holiday Inn downtown. These people really know how to treat a special rodent. Warm smiles are everywhere:

Have you ever seen a prettier smile. Since one of my handlers is a RETIRED Dental Hygienist, I really notice things like that.

I have been taking some fantastic classes with Joyce, Wilma, Dee, and Vicki. No wonder Kim Brunner was voted the best Longarm quilt instructor of the year. She is great. Her classes are on point and she has total control of her classroom, most of the time.
We did catch her on her way to supper last night. She has a great smile too.
Handiquilter furnished the machines for all of the classes I took. We had a really sweet rep. in the room at all times in case we had any problems. Nobody had trouble with the machines, but, we enjoyed her company.

I don't know who called, but, Joyce did take me to Calhoun's on the River for supper.
You wouldn't believe the friends that I saw during supper:
Audrey, they looked like they were behaving pretty well. We had lot's of laughs and they invited me to come over to Lexington to spend the day. Being a very busy rodent, I will have to check my schedule but, should be able to visit very soon.

I also met these lovely ladies. Having a very small brain means that names don't stay in my memory, so sorry, but I really enjoyed talking to them

I sat with all of these people, watched as they ate and I want you to know that NO ONE offered me even a crumb of food. Not even a nibble of strawberry shortcake.

Our ride back in the hotel van was sooooo much fun. I met other great quilters (aren't they a hoot!!??).

I'm not real sure that the gentleman from the Holiday Inn knew what to think. Do you think that would be because he doesn't transport many rodents? I did try to behave myself.

This post is getting to long so I will stop running my mouth for now and post more about my Thursday later tonight.

Thanks to all who answered my call for help last night. Joyce says she will try to do better with keeping my head above the top of the bag.

See you soon,

Roada--------------- Roada F. Tripp

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