Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Attended Design Group !!!!!!!

I did get to go to Design Group last Thursday night. As you can see there was another 'rodent' in attendance, however, I am the beautiful one on the left. The other one has not been named yet. (She had a great looking earring though--Tiger Paw)

My friends and I were checking out Jodi's blocks that she is working on.

The 'Gator Boy' is a gift to Joyce from Sue. Joyce (One Loose Thread) will be hosting a retreat at St. Christopher on Sea Brook Island in November and 'Gator Boy' is from there. The blob of fuz on the right is the 'Traveling Hegie'. She belongs to Jodi and goes everywhere with her.

Hawthorne also visited, but, I didn't get a picture of him. He was a real live Hedge Hog.

I have also been helping Joyce in the kitchen. I am a vegetarian ya know and these butter beans sure looked good. I tried to sneak one for a snack, but, I think Joyce counts them since they are so precious.
Hopefully she will take me someplace next week. Surely, she doesn't plan to stay in the studio all week.
See ya later,

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  1. Jodi's blocks are looking good. thanks for sharing, Roada