Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 2 of Knoxville Adventure

I had to do without my Starbucks this morning. I am not sure how I made it through the day, but I did. Joyce, Pitty Pat, and Vicki stopped for breakfast early this morning. The main purpose was to make it to Tennessee Quilts by the time they opened. We made it and discovered a wonderful quilt shop. The girls at Tennessee Quilts were very nice to me and gave me a special place to rest and wait for the group to finish shopping. Joyce found some good  stencils for that 'purple thing' in her studio, Vicki and Pitty Pat found some great stuff too.
Tennessee Quilts had a fantastic collection of Kaffe Facet fabrics. They will be vending at the show in Knoxville so we will see more of them.

Our next stop was The Cherry Pit in Sevierville, Tenn. Pitty Pat and Joyce love this shop. They have lots of kits and a great variety of fabric. Would you believe that Joyce bought somemore books?

I am not so sure how they felt about having a rodent in their shop. They might have preferred that I not be there. I still liked the shop and all of their wonderful fabric!!

Oh my gosh I am starving at this point! Don't these crazy quilters know that is is past time to EAT !!!???
Instead of eating lunch we went to Iva's. This is a neat little shop on the banks of a pretty river/stream. You would not believe the amount of fabric in this small space. Need charm squares? Layer cakes or Jelly rolls? I have NEVER seen such a variety. You gotta visit there!!! Set your GPS and hit the road.

Iva gave me a new pin to put on my 'belly band'. She was soooooooooooooooo nice to me.

FINALLY they let me eat at one of my favorite places: Cracker Barrell!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am STUFFED!!!! Joyce did manage to buy a cap for Mr. One Loose Thread (don't worry he doesn't read my blog) and a new collar for Rocky in Tennessee Orange (Rocky doesn't read my blog either).

Now we are on the road again and headed into Knoxville to Mawmaws quilt shop. They are getting ready to move down the street and ALL of her fabric is 30% off during her special sale. I met some really nice young folks there.

Unfortunately, I did not get their names, but I understand that they are Grandchildren. From what I experienced they are mighty fine Grandchildren too.

Next up would be the Hotel. Well you remember how directionally challenged Joyce is? Welllllll she couldn't seem to follow anyone's directions. Pitty Pat(the navigator) over rode the GPS and told Joyce to turn the wrong way. After about a million miles she finally admitted that she had the map up side down and that we needed to turn around. We finally made it to the Holiday Inn and did manage to check in. We unloaded all of our treasures and the next time I turned around I was lounging in a very comfortable bed.

And look, I am surrounded by all of these treasures that Pitty Pat bought on our special shop hop. Oh what a wonderful thing.

Joyce and the girls went to supper without me. Did they think that I wasn't hungry??? I was very upset about that until they returned with Chocolate Cheesecake Pie for me. I think that will taste very good tonight after they are asleep. I can sneak into the refrigerator and have a late night snack.

Look how the room is set up. Pitty Pat is at the lap top. They have set up 2 sewing areas, one for machine stitching (Pitty Pat) and the one on the right is for Joyce to work on a special needle turn applique project. What a wonderful environment to spend the week in. I soooooooooo look forward to what they might bring in from the quilt show. They have classes tomorrow and have promised me that I will be allowed to go to some too.

Stay tuned. They might decide to stuff me back into my bag. If they do I am going to send out a SAR alert. That would be 'SAVE A RODENT'!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help Roada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until tomorrow,
Roada/by Joyce---One Loose Thread

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