Sunday, July 3, 2011

7-01-2011 Local Road Trip

Wellllllllllllll, did Starbucks again today (do these people have stock in Five Bucks?). We were on our way to the Friday meeting of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilters. Today they are meeting at St. David's church. I was introduced to the 8 quilters that were there today. Many people had taken the day off due to the long holiday weekend so I really had an easier time getting to know everyone.

Today was much more interesting than a long drive in my carrier (I've got to talk to these people about that. I REALLY need to see where we are going.) Today there was so much going on: 

Ohhhhhhhh what pretty colors

Another One Block Wonder?
These people were rotary cutting, paper piecing, swirling and pinning triangles into future hexagons, English paper piecing, sewing down fused applique, giving advice on border fabrics and I don't know what all. My head was swimming from trying to keep up with everything. A very creative group of ladies, and they pampered me!! I'm theirs forever.

Short trip today of only 9 miles------------Total to date: 789miles.
When I get back from my Trout fishing trip I will really rack up the miles!!!!!! Then I get to go to Knoxville for the last AQS show there. Stay tuned!!!

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