Thursday, July 14, 2011

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!! SAR, SAR, HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the sake of all rodents everywhere!!! I need some REST !!! In the bag, out of the bag, in the bag, out of the bag!! Will someone please tell Joyce to make up her mind!!!!!!!!!!!

Just about the time I get settled in for a good nap----she pulls me out again. Someone grabs me and tries to kiss my nose:
Last night it was Laura Wasilowski. Then I thought it was going to be Bonnie Browning, but, she was laughing so hard, she couldn't pucker.

However, I have been 'stuffed' in my bag for most of the day. They didn't even let me out for LUNCH!!! Joyce did take me on the show floor for a few minutes today. After spending the day listening to Kim Brunner talk about templates and rulers, we went down and bought a bunch of new stencils for that 'purple thing' in Joyce's studio.

I think that I heard that 'they' are going to Cahoun's on the River for supper tonight. Do you think they will let me go? Not so sure about that---If you have any influence at all in this regard---call Joyce and make sure she takes me. Remember my call for help with the SAR alert (SAR-----Save A Rodent (Roada)? You have to call Joyce---need her cell phone number???? Call Mr. One Loose Thread at home and ask for it. He thinks we are nuts anyway, let's prove it.

OK, I am going to go and try to take a nap. Please help me go to eat some Tennessee Barbeque. 
See ya later,

Roada------------Roada F. Tripp 

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