Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2 of Knoxville Adventure

I have had the best day today. I have learned so much. I had a class with Barbara Cline this morning. Pitty Pat and I took a class with her this morning. She is one of seven daughters and she works in a quilt shop. Pitty Pat learn how to make a Shanandoa Star.
Pitty Pat was in her class with Barbara and Joyce was in a class learning to do feathers on that Purple thing in her studio.

Joyce met up with Pitty Pat and they had lunch in the food court at the show. We ran into Elizabeth while she was in the buffet line.
I ate lunch with 2 of the nicest young ladies. Their names were Mary and Diane. They are from the Atlanta area. They were sooooooooooo nice to me and allowed me to have my picture taken with them.
They were staying with Mary's son? in Knoxville during the show.  They were going to take a class with Karen K. Stone this week. Look at those smiles. Do you think that they have fun together? I sure wish they would come to Quilt Camp, they would have a blast with the group that goes there.

After lunch I got a big kiss from the young lady at the AQS booth. We had a great time trying so hard to figure out what I should buy. You see, Joyce has quite the library (as we all know) and I was trying to get her a special book. We made some decisions, bought the book, a tote bag, a t-shirt, and I GOT A NEW PIN FOR MY BELLY BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know these two people? I'll bet that you do. Hint: They both belong to Greater Columbia. They both are great quilters. They both were surprised to find me on the floor of the show.                           

I spent the afternoon in a class with Kim Brunner. I was supervised by Joyce, Vicki, and Dee. We learned how to make the most beautiful feathers with our longarm machines (you know, that purple thing in Joyce's studio).
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Dee, did I do that bump bump right? Are you sure I did it right? I think that my feathers look like bananas.

  Everyone has been so nice to me. They all want to know who I am and what I am doing at the Aqs show.
My evening was very entertaining. I met Laura Wasilowski and Bonnie Browning. You would not believe how nice they were to me.

Blogger is no longer helping me with pictures and my bedtime is very near.So, that's all for tonight. Some of my adventures are going to have to wait until Joyce gets me home. I will tell you that I received comments from Laura W. and Bonnie Browning tonight. We had a great evening with some special ladies from different parts of the country. We ran into more folks from South Carolina and made many new friends. I love this show, and I am so sorry that this will be the last one.

That's all for tonight, I am soooooooooooooooo tired.
Until tomorrow,

Roada-------------Roada F Tripp

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