Monday, July 11, 2011

On The Road Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day started very early. Vicki Mc came to my house, we loaded up and went to pick up Pitty Pat. First stop of course was Starbucks!!!
My goodness I really needed that cup of coffee. Once we all got settled we were on our way. Our first stop was Stitches in Laurens. Vicki picked up her One Block Wonder book for Beth's class during fall retreat

Our time there was a little short, but, they did let me register as part of the 'four pack' so I actually picked up a lovely fat quarter.

Then we were off and running again. Actually, Joyce was driving. Mr. OLT allowed us to drive the surburban so that we would have plenty of room.
Next stop: Viking Says Sew in Greenville. What an amazing place. Vicki picked up a new seam ripper, Pitty Pat ordered all of her stuff for fall retreat, Joyce added to her library.

Our next stop was Inman Quilt Cottage. Joyce picked up some bright fabric for some special persons Christmas quilt.
Pitty Pat found a book for prayer shawls. Then Vicki bought a great kit for the Bow Tucks purse. Becky was so nice to me that I almost stayed and spent the day but, I was told that we had a long way to go and a short time to get there (country music??)

Joyce finally got me back in the truck. You should see how she has me shoved down into this bag. I think that tomorrow I will demand a window seat. Who does she think she is any how?

We did find our next stop: School House Quilts. We almost missed the turn, but Vicki has sharp eyes and spotted the small sign under a mailbox.

Oh Boy did I have a blast in school house quilts. They had the best cookies and I was able to sneak a bite of one while Joyce wasn't looking. She was to busy in the room with all of the BOOKS! The girl just can't seem to pass up a chance to add to her library. She also bought some new templates for Olivia (you know, that purple thing she has in her studio?) Pat is off on a newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww quilting adventure. She is going to start working with some Civil War fabrics and she bought a book to help her with that endevor. Vicki decided to buy some new scissors and the fusible batting tape.

Sure wish I had one of those cookies right now.
We stopped for lunch at Fatz.
Next on the travel log was Marti's Patchwork in Black Mountain, NC.

Vicki got some Laurel Burch fabric for half price. Joyce bought an end of bolt to use as the backing on a Halloween quilt. Pat also picked up some Halloween fabric.

Next stop: Ashville Cotton Co. in Ashville, NC

The girls at the Ashville Cotton Company were so nice to me. They ohhhh and ahhhhhhhhed about my earring and my pierced ear. They also notice the shop hop pin on my belly band.
Joyce picked up some special fabric for Summer Fun 2 .Vicki bought some of the cutest mushroom fabric. I could hide under one of those and maybe they wouldn't see me.


I didn't think they were EVER going to stop for supper, but, they did. We ate at Cootie Brown's in Johnson City, Tenn. The food was great and the beer was cold (very important after a long FART).
After all was said and done I have traveled 427 miles today,visited 6 quilt shops, seen some beautiful mountain views and enjoyed the company of some crazy quilters.

This brings my total milage to date to 1665 miles with more to come tomorrow. I understand that breakfast is at 8:15. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh, by that time I will really be starving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left my special pen at home, so Joyce is just going to have to type my signature in.
Nite, Nite,
Roada--------------that would be Roada F. Tripp

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  1. Thanks for lovely early morning laughs. Enjoying the posts. :-))))