Saturday, July 2, 2011

Roada does GC Knight Bee 6-30-2011

I got back to Columbia just in time to go with the 'Columbia' group to Knight Bee.  I was soooooo glad that I went because they met first at Shealy's Bar B Que in Batesburg. If you have never eaten there you have not eaten Barbeque. They are known around the world for their food.
As always we were greeted with a smile. What wonderful people at Shealy's. Did you know that one of their claims to fame revolve around a 'pulley bone'? Do you know what that is? Some people call it a 'wish bone'.

I usually only eat herbs, green plants, twigs and some occasional bark, but, let me tell you, I could not pass this up.

When you sit down at the table the first thing you do is to order a big plate of pulley bones. I ordered 9 for the group that I was traveling with. Boy oh boy!!! were they ever good!!

Then I started in on my main meal. You just have to eat some of everything at Shealy's. I had a bit of barbeque pork, some hash and rice, a fried chicken liver, some mac and cheese, greenbeans and the list goes on-----all was washed down with the BEST sweet tea on the planet.

I did have to loosen my 'belly band' after all of that. (I need to talk to my handlers to see if I can just get a vest for my pins and such. This belly band really restricts my eating.) Due to the restriction I had to pass on stopping at the dessert bar........oh myyyyyyyyyyyy..........
What a plate!!!!

We all ate to much!!

After we finished eating we loaded into our cars (I really mean loaded) . We really needed to be assisted to the cars we had eaten so much. Joyce set me on the console of the surburban so that I could have a good view. We rode in a caravan following Liz to her house for our meeting.

I was formally introduced to the group and I told my story about how I had come to be so famous. Everyone was really impressed (boy this is really going to her head--Joyce).

Liz and Buck would be leaving for a weekend of trout fishing in Cherokee and thought it would be good for me to tag along. After discussion about safety and record keeping my handlers decided that I could go along. So, stay tuned for my trout fishing adventures----I hope Liz feeds me well----I love fish!!

So all in all I added another 80 miles with this trip. This brings my total tonight to 780 miles.

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